It is a controlled examination with specifically designed and formatted questions that measure involuntary actions. A majority of a test is the pre-exam part. Everything is explained and baseline testing is done.

Commonly called the ‘Lie Detector’, the system records, stores, and analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination.

For the test, some equipment is gently attached (there is no pain or physical discomfort). After establishing both known true and false situations to create a baseline, physical reactions to the test are recorded and compared to the previously obtained baseline. The actual time connected to the sensors is less than 1 hour, generally, while the pre-test portion can be 2 hours or more.

The accuracy is between 95% and 98% accurate, when the test is performed by a trained experienced and accredited APA/BPA examiner who accurately follows official guidelines and rules. They are commonly used as a way to obtain evidence in court cases and determine the character of potential or current employees.