False allegations

Have you been accused of something you haven't done with no way to prove your case? Proof of Innocence testing is the no 1 case we currently run on the polygraph. It's our favourite as well often giving people their lives back


Maritial Disputes

Suspect your partner of cheating on you, need evidence to prove they are committing adultery? Deserve to know the truth? We can give you the answers with a single issue polygraph test.


Had something stolen and want to find out who the culprit was, we love theft cases as the result is always black and white. Get in touch today to discuss your case.

Lie Detector Tests from APA/UKPA Accredited & Experienced Examiners

We are providing Lie Detector Tests across the UK either by coming to you or using one of a network of offices, we even have our own offices, one of only two polygraph companies that does. Together we combine a wealth of experience, knowledge and high level execution with a regulated operating framework and strict code of ethics. We use the latest polygraph hardware and techniques available and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results available in the industry today. Combined we have over 20 years of experience in the Polygraph Industry and all our examiners are accredited by the BPA (British Polygraph Association) and the APA (American Polygraph Association) so you know the examiner is not only certified but is experienced.


Our company is known for the our standards of scientific and professional practices and we are all members of the American Polygraph Association and the UK Polygraph Association trained to the highest standards so you can be assured your dealing with experts. We are not a faceless corporation or a referrals agency, we are headed up by Jason Hubble a well respected polygraph examiner in the UK today. Our parent company Lie Detectors UK have been in business well over 6 years in that time winning awards such as Best Polygraph Testing Company in 2019/20.

Lie Detector Test London
Lie Detector Test London
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With our professional equipment and latest validated techniques, we can find out the truth you deserve. Jason Hubble works with counsellors, therapists, attorneys, and private clients to help them find the truth. We closely work with you to create the right questions that would get the most accurate results

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Lie Detector Test London
Lie Detector Test London